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Krystal International Vacation Club

Krystal International Vacation Club – When only the best will do

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Krystal International Vacation Club is the resort that offers the best locations and service. Awarded for almost three-decades the distinguished designation of being a Gold Crown resort places KIVC at the top of the list.

When it comes to vacation time, they seem to be far and few.

With that said it makes you think twice about where and who you choose.

Krystal International Vacation Club has been the choice of many for decades.

We pride ourselves in the best vacation experiences for our family of members. They are our family since they return year after year to enjoy the benefits of KIVC.

Our members enjoy our many resorts located all over Mexico. We have chosen the best locations in and are known for having the best place to stay as many have said.

Resort travel is the only way to go. You have everything you could ask for at your convenience.

Life can be stressful at KIVC  you can unwind and let go and relax.

Our staff is dedicated to your vacation experience and this what we strive to do. Give you the best of times all the time. No hassle only friction free vacations with luxury that has been redefined for your vacation pleasure. When choosing your next vacation understand that great deals may come at a price. No one wants to be on the Ocean yet face the other side and look at the parking lot.

Krystal members get the choice suites and the gold treatment, they are our members, and we want them happy. These are our core values to our members, the very best of vacation times.

You deserve the best chose KIVC for your next vacation.

Here is what our customers have to say

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Krystal International Vacation Club
Average rating:  
 25 reviews
 by JB and Helen M
Super Location

Best resort location in Cancun

 by Lory J
Great Time in Cancun

We had the best time ever in Cancun, love the resort staff is very friendly and passionate about their work.

 by Jaime and Bob F
Love the Place

This resort has the best location ever. Other we stayed at, and we had to rent a car. This resort is within walking distance of all bars and restaurants.

 by Javier and Bernice G
Krystal Rocks,

This resort has the best beach and everything we could ask for in a resort. We will be back.

 by John B
Can't Wait till next year,

We come to Krystal yearly and have the time of our life. It gives us all we could ask for and more.

 by Jennifer and Gary P
Cancun's Finest

We love this resort. Everything is right there. POne year, we went to Riviera Maya and spent over 1000 on a car rental to see stuff. At this resort, you just walk outside.

 by Kari Ann and Jim J
PV Resort is the Coolest,

Right in the heart of the city. What more can you ask for in a location.

We have been members for years and have always come to Cancun. This is our first time in PV, and love it.

 by Sally Z
Krystal is our Second Home,

We have been coming to Krystal for 5 years, and it is like our second home. I Never will go anywhere else.

 by JJ and Zoran L
Come once you go again,

The title says it all we love the resort and all it offers.

 by Jerry and Louise H
Krystal is the Crown Jewel,

This resort is the best for us. We can sit on our balcony and watch the kids play on the beach. Best staff, excellent security, and fine service. Happy members since 2015. We always get treated great and feel safe and secure; our kids love it.

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KIVC Brings You The Exotic Puerto Vallarta


Krystal International Vacation Club members boast about the endless things to do and experience in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where the jungle meets the sea along Bandera’s Bay. The diverse landscape makes Puerto Vallarta a fantastic place to enjoy beach and water activities, such as jet-skiing, parasailing, boogie boarding, as well as tours of its lush rainforests.

There are loads of fun and exciting activities to enjoy for tourists of all age groups, including tropical jungle expeditions like zipping hundreds of feet above its jungle canopies. The thrill-seeking tourists can enjoy a cultural experience in a nearby Pueblo and enjoy Mexican customs, history, and traditions.

Krystal International Vacation Club members recommend tourists enjoying whale watching excursions while holidaying in Puerto Vallarta as the fantastic animals love to procreate in the Bay of Bandera’s every year. Tourists should not forget to carry their digital cameras to capture unforgettable memories. The water sports lovers can even snorkel and scuba dive and explore the marine creatures of Bandera’s Bay. They also have the choice of chartering boats and enjoying sea fishing excursions. The lucky tourists can even catch a glimpse of the endangered sea tortoise nestling on the shores of Puerto Vallarta during the summer season. The breathtaking scenery, unique activities, and an unforgettable vacation experience in Puerto Vallarta make it the first choice of many.

KIVC members love every natural wonder and artificial attraction of Puerto Vallarta, from its famous El Malecon that happens to be within walking distance to our resort in PV.

It’s Sierra Madre Mountains that captivate your heart. But these are experiences that you can only enjoy if you make reservations, as it sure gets challenging to get reasonable accommodations during the peak tourist season.


Krystal International Vacation Club Brings You The Exotic Puerto Vallarta

This is your year to enjoy the best of Mexico with Krystal International Vacation Club. We have the best locations and the best destinations, making this resort brand the gold standard. With our Multi-award-winning year after year for service and excellence, you can’t go wrong when vacationing at Krystal. This is your time to enjoy the best of life. Make 2021 and 2022 your time to explore and have the best of times.

Xel-Há Natural Aquarium Park


Krystal International Vacation Club recommends visiting the incredible Xel-Há Natural Aquarium Park south of the Playa del Carmen in Quintana Roo, Mexico. On vacation at one of Krystal International Vacation Club many luxurious resort locations.



Xel-Há is considered the largest aquarium globally and offers guests unique experiences at this world-renowned natural aquarium park. Visitors can snorkel among the more than 90 species of fish that can be found at the park, including angelfish, parrotfish, groupers, and more.

Krystal International Vacation Club recommends that these thrill-seekers visit the Xel-Há Cave for a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the more adventurous snorkeler. Considered a very holy place, light and sound come together for one of the most relaxing and beautiful spectacles in the Riviera Maya. With the sunlight reflecting off of the crystal clear water inside the cave, it is sure to create a mental picture that will last a lifetime.

Krystal Cancun also invites guests to take advantage of the many rope courses at Xel-Há. One of the most thrilling and fun experiences at the park is with the “Salpichanga” or Rope, where guests sit on a rope apparatus and speed into the beautiful, clear water.

For more information about Xel-Há , and for more information on how to book your next unforgettable experience in Mexico.

While spending your vacation in Cancun and enjoying the luxury of KIVC. You will have many other options to choose from as at our resort lobby where our friendly staff will have all the water sports and so many different activities for you and your family to enjoy. Make 2021 and 2022 the time to enjoy the best of times at Krystal International Vacation Club.

 Xel-Há Natural Aquarium Park

Your dream vacation awaits you in the luxury you deserve. Please choose from our all-inclusive to European plans we have something for everyone. Come and see why KIVC has won so many awards year after year. This is your time to have the best of times. Have them with us. We treat you right.

Visit one of our many brands and enjoy the fun.

Krystal International Vacation Club Provides Top Wedding Experiences for 2022


Krystal International Vacation Club is known throughout the travel industry as providing some of the highest quality vacations for the best vacations experiences. This upcoming 2022 season is exciting for travelers because they can plan dream vacations and execute them to their specific details. Many travelers are considering getting married with this Krystal International Vacation Club wedding service. Couples find that getting married in an exotic location is how they want to immortalize the beginning of their marriage.

Krystal International Vacation Club is one of the top resort brands in Mexico in the industry because of its attention to detail. This gold standard of service is what sets Krystal apart from rival resorts.

It is why so many couples are utilizing the resort features of this resort for their weddings. Many couples are finding that destination weddings are more affordable than getting married at home.

Why Choose Krystal International Vacation Club for Your Wedding

By getting married somewhere exotic, they have memories that will last them a lifetime and have a smaller wedding party. Couples also enjoy giving their families a mini-vacation during their marriage. The increase in destination wedding popularity is why many newlyweds are tying the knot in Cancun.

Krystal International Vacation Club premiered the wedding service a few years ago, and this program continues to be more successful as the years pass. Couples can come to Cancun and choose from several different wedding packages, to fit their needs. There are even packages for those couples that would like to renew their vows. There are also many other wedding options to make your service as large or intimate as you would like.

Krystal is honored to be a part of the lives of so many couples that are embarking on the start of their matrimony. Those looking for an exciting way to start their marriage should look no further than Krystals Destination Paradise and the wedding options offered.


Why Choose Krystal International Vacation Club for Your Wedding

Krystal is the best resort in the industry because of the attention to detail to ensure the couple has a lifetime experience.

Those looking to get the best value out of their vacation or wedding experiences should contact this company. Call this luxury resort today to see what packages Krystal has to offer you.

Krystal International Vacation Club 2022: Ten Best Things You Can Do In Cancun

Krystal International Vacation Club is your top resort in Cancun. Award-winning year after year. Here is why people love Cancun and Krystal International Vacation Club.

Cancun is a Mexican city that offers a wide variety of attractions to its visitors. There is no reason not to visit this city, from white sandy beaches, lush gardens, theme parks, and restaurants to an incredible nightlife scene and vibrant cultural activity throughout the year. What New in Cancun for 2022? Here are the ten best things you can do while in Cancun in 2022.

Krystal International Vacation Club top Things to Do 2022 in Cancun

1. Swim with dolphins at Dolphinaris Cancun

Are you spending your time swimming with dolphins while on vacation? You should make a stop at Dolphinaris Cancun! Open all year long, this place offers an excellent opportunity for tourists to get up close and personal with dolphins in their natural habitat. The experience includes learning about dolphin care from the trainers, watching a show where you see them performing tricks, and finally enjoying a swim with them.

2. Admire the Mayan culture at Chichen Itza

Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, Chichen Itza features the most essential and largest Mayan pyramid ever built called El Castillo or Kukulkan. This impressive structure is part of a large complex that includes other ruins like The Observatory and The Merchants’ Market, among others. A guided tour through this ancient city will provide you with lots of exciting information about what was once there and the modern archeological activities that are taking place there. You can also admire one of Mexico’s finest art galleries which contains various artifacts from all over the Yucatan Peninsula on display for everyone to see.


Cancun. Chichen Itz,

3. Enjoy the nightlife in Cancun

Cancun is not just all about beach and ocean fun. The city also features a vibrant nightlife scene that you should check out if you visit the place, especially during the Spring Break period when plenty of people are going here to party until morning. There are numerous clubs, bars, and pubs in Cancun where tourists can enjoy themselves to the fullest with their friends while listening to music and dancing the night away. Some of these venues even have special nights dedicated to a specific genre like hip hop or metal where everyone who enjoys those types of music will feel at home.

beach Playa Delfines

4. Hang out on Xcacel Beach

If what you’re looking for is a day spent surrounded by white sand, blue crystal clear water, and lush vegetation, then Xcacel beach is the perfect place for you. Located on Isla Mujeres, this beach is one of the most secluded ones where you can have a great time basking in the sun and splashing around in its warm waters.

5. Have fun at Hurricane Alley Waterpark

Hurricane Alley Waterpark features nine slides, five pools, including an adults-only pool, plus areas for kids carefully supervised by their parents. There are also bars where you can grab some drinks to quench your thirst while having a blast at this waterpark right next to Dolphinaris Cancun. There is something for everyone here, so it’s all good whether you want to go down white water rafting or try bodyboarding.

6. Eat seafood at El Rey Del Marisco (The King of Seafood)

One of the best places to eat Cancun’s delicacies like octopus, crawfish, and lobsters is El Rey del Marisco, or The King of Seafood, as it is more commonly known. Aside from those, you can also enjoy fresh oysters and other delicious dishes here, so be sure to drop by if you want some great food while enjoying a beautiful view of the ocean and relaxing live music in the background.

7. Ride a jet ski for an unforgettable experience

Situated on Boulevard Kukulkan next to Hurricane Alley Waterpark, Paradise Jet Ski Rentals offers incredible jet ski tours that will provide you with loads of fun and excitement. You can take your friends out on jet ski rides for an hour or two along the beautiful beaches of Cancun that are always abundant with gorgeous scenery.

8. Go to Isla Contoy

Isla Contoy is located north of Isla Mujeres, and it’s a fantastic place for those who love birdwatching as there are more than 300 species found here, such as brown pelicans, terns, whimbrels, and some flamingos too. There is also a small museum where you can learn all about the island’s flora and fauna, so if this interests you, then head over to Isla Contoy on any day of the year except for Tuesdays when it’s closed to visitors.


a jetski and blue ocean in cancun

9. Take a walk at Punta Nizuc

Punta Nizuc is an excellent place for both swimming and fishing enthusiasts because you can do both of these things in crystal clear warm water. You can also stop by the lighthouse located here to enjoy fantastic views all around, including Isla Contoy. There are various facilities available such as restrooms, food stalls, and parking lots.

10. Visit Cancun Museum

The Cancun Museum or Museo de Sitio de Yaxchilan stands on Isla Mujeres next to the Mexican Caribbean Institute. You can learn about the history of this incredible city from over 5,000 years ago until then today, when it became one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico. Since this place is still an active archeological site, there are only one or two guides that you can hire to take you around the museum and explain everything to you in detail.


Cancun is a beautiful city with such a unique culture, and it’s full of places to see and things to do. With its clear blue waters, lush green vegetation, and lively atmosphere, there’s never a dull moment when you’re in Cancun. If you want to discover more about this intriguing place, then go out and explore because so many exciting discoveries are waiting for you around every corner.

Krystal International Vacation Club is your best choice resort as it offers the finest location and an unforgettable vacation experience.