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Krystal International Vacation Club members recommend visiting Cozumel while on vacation in Mexico for many reasons. Cozumel is a Caribbean island in southeastern Mexico with great beaches and every type of water activity you can imagine.

Krystal International Vacation Club members recommend visiting Cozumel because it offers visitors a wide range of activities to enjoy and perfect tropical weather every day. Cozumel has long been one of the most visited islands in Mexico, thanks to its deepwater reefs, unique bird-watching opportunities, quaint downtown area, and plentitude of shopping opportunities.

Another reason Krystal International Vacation Club members recommend visiting Cozumel is that it is home to many excellent restaurants. Not only will visitors find plenty of choices for authentic Mexican dishes, but also plenty of options for other internationally inspired dishes.

Visitors to Cozumel are often surprised by the variety of excellent world-class dining options. On this beautiful island nestled in warm Caribbean waters, travelers will find the expected choices of some of the freshest seafood dishes in the world and authentic dishes from well-known global cuisines like Italian, Chinese, French, and American dishes.

But it is not just about the food when Krystal International Vacation Club members recommend visiting Cozumel. There are many water activities on the island and beautiful sites too. If you wish to travel to Cozumel, the Krystal International Vacation Club is at your service to book a hotel and manage your trip.

Krystal International Vacation Club suggests activities you can take part in at Cozumel include:

Scuba Diving

The Scuba diving opportunities in Cozumel are known worldwide. Anyone can swim underwater using a breathing apparatus as a beginner, a somewhat experienced diver, or an expert. The magnificent sites to see underwater include gorgeous coral reefs, shipwrecks, caverns, and caves, not to mention the incredible variety of sea life that consider these warm and bountiful waters home.

A scuba diver, Krystal International Vacation Club



Snorkeling is easy for most people first to explore the open sea waters. Snorkeling is basically simply swimming on top or through the sea waters while equipped with a diving mask, flippers, and a snorkel tube. The breathing tube and mask allow observing underwater attractions without the complicated equipment of scuba diving.

snorkeling in Cozumel

Deep-Sea Fishing

Cozumel is one of the top sportfishing spots globally due to the deepwater channel between the Yucatan Peninsula and the island. The variety of sport fish often caught include large billfish, dorado, and tuna. Cozumel is home to many fishing fleets that offer half-day, full-day, or multiple-day fishing packages.

Many people enjoy the boat tours for reasons more than just catching fish. You can also discover the magic of dolphins as you interact with them in the Chankanaab National Marine Park.
Other water activities are mini-submarine tours, beach lounging, kite surfing, and parasailing.

As you enjoy the activities, you can also visit the Mayan archeological sites, the’ El Caracol’ temple, and the pyramid-shaped El Castillo, which dominates the city from a forty-foot cliff.

Make sure you enjoy water activities in Cozumel island and its beautiful sites. For more information, contact Krystal International Vacation Club. Our members all agree that the Krystal International Vacation Club has the very best locations in Mexico. Now offering the Urban center program with Krystal Plus, we bring your vacation and travel experience to a whole other level that no others come close.

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