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Krystal International Vacation Club in Cancun highly recommends in the Riviera Maya, a family adventure in a place called Xcaret. In Xcaret, you can enjoy the Mexican culture and natural environment through a series of destinations and activities throughout the park. Every single day of the week, you will interact with numerous entertainment activities, good food, and the lush nature in the countryside that welcomes you with open arms! The Cancun Xcaret theme park has plenty of activities to satisfy any holiday enthusiast.

XCaret park

The Xcaret is an expansive area where the Mayan Jungle and the Mexican traditions combine in a multitude of fantastic attractions. You will interact with the traditional events such as the Fiesta Charra and the Mayan Ball Game or explore the exciting features of nature in such places as the Jaguar Island and the vibrant Butterfly Pavilion. In the evening and nighttime, there are also fun activities in abundance, so Krystal International Vacation Club recommends that you do not leave early.

The Cancun Xcaret theme park was built as an ecological and archaeological site, and the breadth of what it offers gives testament to this initial intention. A walk through the park will bring you into contact with archaeological places such as the Mayan ruins and a variety of flora and fauna such as the Jaguars, dolphins and coral reef. Therefore, an exploration through the park will not only satisfy your desire to explore but also remind you of the need to take care of the natural environment wherever you are.

The XCaret park on the Mayan Riviera Krystal International Vacation Club

If you are a fan of seaside activities, then Xcaret is the place for you. Since it is located at the seashore near Cancun, you can snorkel, swim in underground rivers and enjoy playing with dolphins. The following activity is a thrilling experience if you take your time to picture what it entails. You get the chance to pet the animals’ bellies, kiss them, and let them foot push you through the pool. These are memories that will last a lifetime.

Krystal International Vacation Club reminds visitors to Xcaret that they are expected to adhere to some conditions since it is an ecological and family-themed park. First of all, you will need to avoid non-biodegradable items such as sunblocks. Carrying such may cause you undue embarrassment and inconvenience since they will be confiscated at the gate. Secondly, do not tour with revealing clothes even when on the beaches since it is a park that attracts whole families. Going nude is strictly prohibited.

The easiest way to reach and explore Xcaret is by organizing a tour. With such an arrangement, you will get the chance to see most of the things in the park since there are so many of them. Planning tours will enable you to book reservations for areas such as dolphin swims that sell out quickly. A more convenient means of enjoying Xcaret features is by organizing a private tour. Such tours ensure that you go directly to the park without having to pick other people on your way. As a result, you will get more time to savor the cultural and natural environment of Mexico.

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